Our Story

I would like to introduce you to some of the services available to you from Compressor & Engine Supply, Inc. We are currently supplying a variety of compressor and engine customers throughout the world with new repair parts and, when requested, used or remanufactured equipment or components. We would like to offer our services to you, so your company can take advantage of the QUALITY and SAVINGS we offer.

Our customer base currently includes some of the following Industries: Steel Mills, Natural Gas Pipelines, Chemical Plants, Ammonia Plants, Gas Gathering Systems, Utilities - both Gas and Electric, Refrigeration Compressor users, as well as other Plant Air Compressor users.

With over 80 combined years experience in the field of gas compression and power generation. We can offer you QUALITY replacement parts and service for most major brands of Compressors, and Engines. We are ready to answer any service question that you might have.

We are not just a source for your new parts, we also offer a wide range of services. In brief some of the additional services we offer are: Rebuilt Air Compressors, Rebuilt Gas Compressors, Surplus Compressors, Surplus Engines, and major rebuildable components.


William P. Moyle

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